Agapi’s November Top 5


Delicious and delightful drops of data from the lab supplier that loves you back:

Drink: Your voice and your vote matter in the upcoming elections, but most Americans won’t make it to the polls. That’s why Blue Point Brewing Company is on the front lines of the Voter’s Day Off Movement, calling for elections to be federal holidays so every American can vote with ease. This initiative is, of course, being celebrated with specially designed cans. Learn more here.

Save: Want to save 15% off your next order? Want to save a life? We’re still hosting our coat drive for a limited time, and it’s not too late to send yours in. Give us a call and we’ll give you our shipping account information and instructions on that 15% deal. Everybody wins!

Read: We adore our beer, but let’s face it—we’re fueled by coffee. That’s why we love to see the two working together in perfect harmony in Austin, TX. When the city enacted a lengthy boil advisory, a band of breweries burst into action to provide boiled water for their coffee-brewing buds. Beautiful.

Learn: Hot on the heels of last month’s news about New Jersey brewpub regulations, Pennsylvania is proposing new taxes on your favorite taproom products. Will this affect you? Learn more in this article from MONTCO.Today.

Meet: We love women busting barriers—women like Carol Stoudt, profiled in this article from Vinepair. Founder of a destination brewpub, New York’s first female cicerone, and recipient of Breweries in Pennsylvania’s Presidential Award—can we please be best friends?

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