Consistency, Quality, and Craft: Managing Your Yeast Count

Variability leaves you vulnerable.

People want consistency in pretty much everything. At Agapi, we really take this to heart. After all, our job is to get what you need on budget and on time—every time. We’re super good at consistently supplying that level of customer service because we know that if one teensy thing goes wrong, that’s the thing you’ll remember. Not our years of great service, but that one time the one thing happened. This negative bias is basic human nature.

Your consumers feel it, too. Even if they’ve been contentedly quaffing your bev for decades, one bad sip is all it takes to turn a customer for life into an avoider for life. You know that. That’s why you’ve established a lab that carefully analyzes your quality and ensures each sip is super.

We’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially after our trip the the Craft Brewers Conference. There was a huge focus on quality assurance, which makes sense—we all know that microbiology matters, and it’s something big beer its vast resources do very, very well. But how can you produce consistent products while retaining a craft mindset—and budget?

Simple: remove the human factor.

A small automatic cell counter can do the work of dozens of lab employees, but without the inevitable errors people make because they’re, you know, human. We know you’ve got that one amazing tech who can count the pants off whatever sample you give her, but even she is capable of mistakes. Plus, she deserves a break now and then! That’s why the NucleoCounter® YC-100™ is our flagship item.

What is the NucleoCounter® YC-100™?

The NucleoCounter® YC-100™ binds with the DNA of yeast cells, thanks to fluorescent dye, a camera and an integrated fluorescence microscope. You can prepare it to count either total or nonviable cell concentration, and it requires no maintenance or calibration. This small and mighty dynamo fits in labs of all sizes and budgets, and best of all, it eliminates the human error or machine complications other options endure.

What People Are Saying:

“Cell counts with the YC-100 are accurate, fast and have been invaluable in helping us make quality, consistent beer. All it requires is 2 serial dilutions of a representative yeast sample, and I have an accurate cell count and viability in a couple minutes. We wouldn't be making the same quality beer without it.”

- Megan Schwarz, QA/QC Team Leader, Heavy Seas Beer

“Since my lab purchased the YC-100 Yeast Counter we have been able to run significantly more samples on a daily basis. Additionally, we have found it to be substantially more accurate than traditional cell counting method. Using the YC-100 Cell count you remove human by having the machine count using DNA.”

- Theres a Szilagyi Quality Lab Supervisor, Yuengling

Wondering if the YC-100 is right for your lab? Wonder no more. We’re happy to test your sample at your convenience, and let you be the judge. There’s nothing to lose, and a whole lot of ease and consistency to gain! Contact us today to let us know!