Flights, Friends, and Fabulousness: Agapi in 2019

Here at Agapi, we’re in full pre-travel mode. We’ve got a busy few months ahead! Here are just a few of the highlights of our tour de brew: 

  • March: We’ll be stopping by a few of our favorite brewers (who just happen to be a few of our favorite customers) and attending the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) gala in Massachusetts. We’re also headed to Texas in March to clink glasses with the greats at the WBENC Summit & Salute in Houston.
  • April: One of our favorite events of the year, the CBC, will be held in Colorado. We had a great time last year and can’t wait to see how they top it!
  • May: We get to hang with wise and wonderful WBENC-ers again at the Miami Matchmaker! We hope they find us a find. Or catch us a catch.
  • June: We’re off to Georgia, where the good people at Coca-Cola will buy us a Coke and teach us to sing in perfect harmony. We assume.
  • September: Oh hello again, WBENC! This time, we’ll be at the Midwest Connect & Celebrate in Chicago. Stay tuned as we investigate just what, exactly, a toddlin’ town is.

We hope you’ve all got amazing travel plans this year, as well. Headed to the CBC? Let us know and we shall bestow upon you a FREE automated cell count at the conference! Email us here to schedule.

Stuck at home? Fear not. Now through April 30th, 2019, we’re offering a fabulous deal on Diamond RealSeal™ Laboratory Bottles from Globe Scientific: Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Savings so exhilarating you’ll feel like you’re on vacation. Well, sort of. At any rate, we can guarantee that whatever you need, a phone call with us will be the least stressful part of your day. 

 Agapi’s dedicated team provides our customers with:

  • Focus, knowledge and experience with industry-specific products and services
  • 24-hour response time on inquiries
  • Partnerships with leading manufacturers
  • Access to leading industry brands at guaranteed lower pricing than going direct
  • The best equipment and the expertise to help you get up and running quickly
  • Finest personalized service…

and now we are a proud certified 100% women-owned business!