About Us

Welcome to Agapi Lab Solutions. Agapi is a Greek name which means “love, family love.” The name also has characteristics associated with it that influenced us in choosing it for our division. People who have this name have a great willingness to serve others and offer their abilities for the common good. This, in a nutshell describes who we are and why we do what we do. We are here to serve you, our customer, by offering you our ability to get you what you need, from supplies and technology to information and innovative problem solving.

Agápi Lab Solutions provides supplies, equipment, services and expertise that enable smooth operations for bottling facilities, breweries and food testing labs. From media and filtration products to high-end lab equipment complete with step-by-step training, Agápi offers unmatched personal service, fast turnaround and better pricing than going direct with top industry brands. Multi-national soft drink bottlers and startup breweries enjoy the same level of white glove service with personal, 24-hour response time and on-time delivery.

Agápi’s dedicated team provides our customers with:

A big part of our mission is to honor the legacy of those that came before us by remaining committed to our core values of energy, resourcefulness, courage, creativity, and an incredible work ethic.  From supplies and technology to training and innovative problem solving, we are here to serve you.

We care about your business. For other companies, that’s a tagline. For Agapi, it’s a way of life. After two decades of combined experience with the industry’s finest lab suppliers, we wanted to build a different kind of business—one with service at the forefront, where clients become partners and contacts become friends. Our customers know we go the extra mile and then some to make their lives easier and their products better. Curious about the birth of Agapi? Read this blog post for our origin story.