Agapi Lab Solutions
YC-100 Yeast Cell Counter

The quickest and most precise automated yeast cell counter for breweries and wineries

  • Eliminates subjectivity and human error
  • Calibration and maintenance free
  • Pitching yeast
  • 30 second analysis time
  • Consistent, objective results

Agapi Lab Solutions is the exclusive distributor for the NucleoCounter® YC-100™ yeast cell counter. The NucleoCounter® YC-100™ is a yeast cell counter used to measure the total cell count and viability of yeast cells in suspension. With its high precision and accuracy, the NucleoCounter® YC-100™ is perfect for those who want a true quality product being both maintenance and calibration free.

The NucleoCounter® YC-100™ consists of a camera and an integrated fluorescence microscope designed to detect signals from the fluorescent dye, propidium iodide (PI) bound to DNA. Results from the NucleoCounter® YC-100™ represent either total or nonviable cell concentration, depending on the sample preparation.