With Agapi, good beer and good science go hand in hand. Just like you, we’re passionate about ensuring quality brews. We know that one bad bottle can harm a brand’s integrity, and one microorganism can be responsible for thousands of dollars in damages. That’s why the world’s best brewers, from small passion projects to industry titans, trust Agapi Lab Solutions to provide the right testing equipment for their unique needs.

How We Serve

We don’t stop until you’re supplied. Our personal, hands-on style ensures that orders don’t sit in a queue. Our customers don’t have to wait long periods of time to find out if an item is in stock; they don’t have to check availability or cross-reference products. When you need a product, you need it now. We pride ourselves on reliability and fast, efficient service.


No one gets preferential treatment at Agapi—because everyone gets preferential treatment at Agapi. Our relationship-focused model compels us to make every sale our most important task, no matter how big or how small. Friends don’t let friends brew bad beer. We make sure that every sip of your product is at peak deliciousness, every time.


Your customers deserve and have come to expect this peak deliciousness. Your brand elicits taste memories and future cravings, but that can go the other way as well—one bad bottle often leaves a lingering taste far longer than one fantastic pour. Don’t leave quality to chance or subject to human error. The experts at Agapi can help you find the perfect lab product to ensure your perfect beer.

Single Service Provider

We make it simple. Agapi has everything your QA lab needs to maintain the high standards you’re known for. Avoid multiple calls, invoices and sales reps with the one- stop-shopping of Agapi Lab Supply.

Agapi Lab Solutions is the exclusive provider for the industry’s best manufacturers, allowing our clients unmatched service and selection. One of our most important exclusive partnerships is with Chemo-metec, where we are the sole distributor for their YC-100.


We know what you want before you want it. To make life even simpler, Agapi offers product bundles for nearly every brewer’s need, freeing you from the tedious (and costly) process of selecting products one-by- one. Our exclusive partnerships with the best manufacturers in the business ensure your solution is both complete and cost-effective.