Agapi Lab Solutions is the exclusive provider for the industry’s best manufacturers, allowing our clients unmatched service and selection. These top company’s value our integrity, skill and dedication to finding the products for every customer. We currently partner with:


Chemometec’s YC100 is simple to operate, astonishingly accurate and capable of analyzing even large sample volumes quickly. With the YC100, there’s no loading of reagents, calibration or visual counting—just fast and quantitative results. Learn more at


For over 60 years, Hach has been the premier testing solution for the beverage industry. Their innovative solutions for dissolved oxygen measurement and brewery-specific DR6000 are staples of the Agapi line. They also offer unique product bundles, which combine frequently paired items for unprecedented ease in ordering and usage. The DR6000 with brewery software is particularly popular, and includes ASBC and MEBAK approved methods for testing a variety of factors. To learn more about Hach, visit them at


Sartorius’ membrane filtration method makes their system ideal for those seeking proven accuracy, quantitative results and simple documentation. This system is particularly useful when testing for yeasts and molds, as well as bacteria like E. Coli and Coliforms. It also quickly identifies product-spoiling organisms. Visit for more on Sartorius solutions for brewers.